What is Decora?

The Decora Company was born in 1998 from the forty-plus years experience of the De Luca family in the field of catering and confectionery equipment.


Carlo De Luca sensed the need to make available to a public of fans and enthusiasts a series of products for the decoration of cakes and cookies used only by professionals until that moment.

Today Decora is a reference point in the decoration world for the many consumers who take care of the quality and the safety of the products they buy.
The warehouse is always well-provided and well organized, with a automatic system compliant to the EU and the Italian laws.
The IT and the account dpt. can count on a efficient and innovative customized management system.
The sales dpt. manages purchase orders in real-time and supports customers facing any kind of request.
The research and development dpt. avails itself of a determined and experienced team that can count on a culinary studio, inside the headquarter of the Company, where products are carefully tested by the experience of the first Decora instructor: Maria.

Decora is official distributor of the historic brand Wilton.
The De Luca family is proud to distribute the Wilton products in Italy for 40 years.

The communication dpt. is young and creative, focused on the market trends and on the brand awareness and is supported by a photo-studio in the company premises. Great attention is devoted to the web, with a strong presence on the main social networks by which the empathy linking the Company to its consumers develops.


The Company is modern and well-organized, composed of a young and creative team, always taking care of the needs of customers.

Pietro De Luca

Export Manager


Carlo De Luca



Margherita De Luca

Research and Comunication


Serena De luca

Marketing & Comunication


Valentina Tafuri

Products Research and Development


Francesca Gammella

Export Department


Grazia Borea

Orders and Customer Complaints


Roberto Citro

Visual Communication


Federica Della Monica

IT Consultant


Ida Cuomo



Indre Inno

Secretary and Accounting


Rosa Graziuso

Supplier Orders


Marika Cardamone

Communication and Department Support


Lucia Lia

Orders and Customer Invoicing


Rosa Maria Martin Dueñas

Decora Instructor



Decora was born by the idea of combining the ancient tradition of the Italian pastry, made using high-quality and natural ingredients, with the Anglo-American decorative method.
This is why Decora strongly believes in its food range.
Our philosophy is “Healthy and high-quality products” and realizes in:
• use of precious ingredients,
• absence of hydrogenated fats,
• use of colourings of natural extraction,
• research for first quality raw material of verified origin,
• tests and certifications verified during the production process.

Besides the food products, there are the equipment and the packaging.
Both ranges distinguish themselves for being made in Italy in compliance to the EU laws and to high standard production.

The equipment is developed through several steps of research and planning carried out minutely and always paying attention to the market and to the needs of the decoration world.

The packaging is dedicated to the “home made” concept and is developed with the purpose of allowing all those who bake their cakes at home to share them and give them away stylishly.

The library, one of the richest in Italian, arises from the cooperation with many instructors and experts of this field.

The purpose is to guarantee to the consumer high-quality standard with the genuine taste of the “Made in Italy”.

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